How Many Views do your Videos need to Make Money on YouTube?

Making money on YouTube is something  anyone can do with the right videos and marketing techniques. You can buy YouTube views to help achieve high numbers of views on your videos, as many people have been doing for some time now. Of course, you also need to share and market your video to as many people as possible. When you do these things, you can get the views necessary to start putting residual cash in your pocket. But, that is just the first of many ways that YouTube helps you make money. There is no such thing as too many views on YouTube, especially when you can make money by making a simple purchase.

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Many people want to get the most views possible for every video they create and upload to YouTube. There is little wonder why, since creating a video isn’t easy. And, when you add the fact that there may be money in store, things get really exciting. But, YouTube obviously isn’t paying everyone who uploads a video and gets a few videos. So the question remains, just how many views does your video need to start generating money?

The truth is, views are important and make you feel good. But, to earn money, you need to focus more on engagement. Engagement means that a person watches an ad for a period of 30 seconds or longer, or clicks on the ad to learn more. YouTube uses an AdWords platform where you can choose to get ads in your videos using either a CPV or CPC model. It is low cost, especially if you are generating many views with your video. So, the next time someone tells you views are needed to make money on YouTube, remind them that engagement is equally important.